How to Extend the Life of Your Vacuum Cleaner

Like Your Vehicle, Your Vacuum Cleaner Needs Routine Maintenance

Vacuuming is of the utmost importance in maintaining the cleanliness of your carpeting. Not only does it keep your carpeting appearing its best, but it can also largely maximize the lifespan of your carpet by eliminating sharp soil particles that actually slice and grind down the carpet fibers. Below you will find three tips to keep your vacuum cleaner operating at prime efficiency for greater cleaning capacity.

Keep Your Vacuum Cleaner Obstruction-Free

Clean your vacuum cleaner's beater bar!Make certain that you occasionally inspect the beater bar on the bottom of the machine. As you vacuum, carpet fiber, strings, and hair get wrapped up in your beater bar in a short time. These obstructions not only deter the beater bar from performing at its peak, but they also put a great deal of stress on your vacuum motors. You should take scissors and remove all of the wound around debris following every vacuum cleaning session to stretch the operating life of your vacuum motors and to keep the bristle bar working at its potential. While you've got the vacuum laying down, its a good idea to disconnect the plumbing and make sure there are no clogs within the tubing. Tubing that has bends in it generally gets clogged with larger materials that consequently, catch smaller items; all the while, reducing your vacuum cleaner's suction efficiency.

Don't Wait to Empty Bag or Canister

Empty your vacuum cleaner's canister!It is equally important not to forget about switching or emptying the collection bag or canister to prevent your vacuum cleaner from plugging up or getting excessively hot. When your dirt "container" - whether its a bag or canister- becomes full, your machine's performance decreases. It is the same story for the dust catchers found in your vacuum cleaner. It is necessary to check the filters periodically and wash or replace them when they're dirty. If you skip these tips, you may be permitting dander filled air to recirculate around your home as opposed to getting properly filtered out by your vacuum cleaner's filter system.

Service Your Vacuum Cleaner Frequently

Service your vacuum cleaner regularly!Each vacuum cleaner has an upkeep schedule outlining when and how often certain repairs should be carried out. If you are not mechanically competent to carry out the servicing yourself, take the vacuum cleaner to a respectable facility and pay to have the servicing performed. If you opt out of the fairly low cost for routine upkeep, you may wind up paying a lot more in the long run should a carbon brush crush totally down and ruin your engine, for example. Hoses, clutches, belts- they all require maintenance at some point.

Following the above mentioned guidelines won't only keep your vacuum performing at its peak for as long as possible, it will also help from a carpet cleaning perspective. It is simple, the more often you vacuum, the less dirt and debris remain in your carpeting. This in turn intensifies the effects of steam cleaning. In fact, regular, throrough vacuuming can lessen the frequency for which professional steam cleaning is needed.

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