Frequently Asked Questions About Carpet Cleaning

Here are the answers to common questions asked by our clients...

When can I expect my carpeting, upholstery or rugs to be dry?


Clean CarpetUsually 4-6 hours. The dry time of carpeting will always vary according to the type of carpet, atmospheric conditions, air flow, etc. Carpets which were extremely soiled will also take longer to dry as a result of more water being used during the cleaning process.

Upholstered Items:

Clean UpholsteryUsually 0.5-3 hours. Heavily soiled upholstery that requires extra cleaning may take longer to dry. As a general rule, upholstery dries more quickly than carpet due to being thinner.


Clean MattressUsually 1-3 hours. Mattresses with thicker, cushioned tops will likely take longer to dry that standard spring mattresses.

I noticed that my carpeting looked like it needed to be cleaned again shortly after I had it cleaned by different professional company. What is the reason for that?

Genesis Steam CleanerThis is usually caused by inadequate rinsing of cleaning products from the carpet. Detergents and other cleaning products tend to be sticky. When these products aren't fully extracted from the capet, their sticky nature causes them to attract dust, soil, and other debris, quickly making your carpet look dirty again.

At Grossbusters, we use top of the line equipment and processes that DON'T leave behind soil-attracting residues in your carpet or upholstery. We use high water flow as well as a neutralizing rinse to ensure your carpets are left as clean as possible. We highly recommend the re-application of your carpet's protective coating following every cleaning. Ask about genuine 3M Scotchgard to keep your carpet looking great for as long as possible!

How often should I get my carpets, area rugs, and upholstery cleaned?

Carpet Cleaning ScheduleThe answer to this question is not a "one-size-fits-all" solution. Household factors such as number of occupants, number of pets, building size, etc. all play into determining recommended cleaning frequency. See our comprehensive, EPA recommended carpet cleaning frequency chart.

Should I do anything to ready my home or business for cleaning before your technicians arrive?

Please Move FurniturePlease clear the area(s) that you would like cleaned. We do offer some furniture moving, but we don't move larger items such as entertainment centers. We can move smaller furniture such as couches and tables if you need us to. If you feel inclined to vacuum, it makes our job easier and faster. However, we are fully ready to vacuum before each job. When you schedule your cleaning appointment, we will email you a "pre-cleaning checklist."

Do you offer stain protectant for my carpet and upholstery?

Scotchgard Carpet ProtectorWe are an authorized applicator of genuine 3M Scotchgard. Re-applying the protective coating will greatly extend the life of your carpet, furniture, and area rugs by slowing down the affects of daily physical wear and tear. The protective coating will also help to prevent spills from becoming permenant stains. In many cases, periodic re-application of protector is required in order to keep your carpet or upholstery's warranty in tact.

Are your cleaning agents safe for my pets and family members?...for the environment?

Green Seal CertifiedYES! Our products are safe for everyone in your workplace or household, including pets. We offer a complete line of Green Seal Certified products to keep our environment and clients safe. Although our products are safe to be near, its always wise to keep your contact with any product, at a minimum. We recommend staying off of your carpet or upholstery until they are completely dry.

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