Why Steam Cleaning Isn't Adequate For Pet Stains & Odors

Pet stains and odors are a severe problem that call for an in-depth solution.

When cat stains are found in your carpet, they need more than simple steam cleaning to remedy them. Usually, pet staining is combined with awful smells- even when you are unable to recognize them. Smelly bacteria have a tendency to live in the cushion beneath the carpet's backing which is why even the most superior steam cleaners are unable to satisfactorily eliminate pet staining. Steam cleaning normally doesn't squirt a substantial amount of water below the backing of the carpeting. If water was injected that deep, your carpet would take many days to dry completely and there would be a potential for bacteria buildup triggering sour carpets and probable medical threats. Usually, the carpet's backing will feel only a tad damp after the carpet has been professionally steam cleaned.

Pet Stain Removal Lacey, WATo be sure that both the stain and the odor are addressed, they will have to be extracted from the carpet, backing, pad and sub-floor. You can achieve this in a number of different ways. The carpeting can be pulled back, and the pad and carpet can be cleaned individually. After That, each layer has to dry sufficiently prior to being tacked back down. This approach is both frustrating and hard work for the person doing the job. Because of this, decontaminating and drying both layers independently can be a particularly high priced system.

Pet Stain Removal Lacey Another method is total replacement of the pad and carpet in the contaminated sections. This option can be amazingly pricey and is seldom needed. With improvements in cleaning chemicals, there is certainly no reason that all spots, smells, and bacteria cannot be totally withdrawn from your carpet and cushion. There are an array of various oxidizer solutions in the stores that are particularly effective on pet markings of different varieties- not merely urine stains.

The last route is to have the staining washed and extracted with a sub-layer cleanup tool like a Water Claw pet stain removal tool. This route is both very successful and the least expensive of the noted routes. It is critical to shop around and ask a variety of different cleaners of their opinions prior to paying to have your pet staining handled.

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