Natural VS Synthetic Carpeting

The pros and cons of each type of carpeting

Purple CarpetWhen the time comes to buy carpeting for your house, there are many options to choose from. Synthetic carpeting, natural fiber, shorter-legnth pile, longer pile, loop, so on and so forth. Prospective buyers should also think of the color of the carpeting. Neutral colored carpet more inclined to retain their color compared to a carpet that has been dyed a vibrant color such as yellow or teal. With colored carpeting, over a pretty short stretch of time, the color will start to diminish in the traffic areas making your carpet look tattered. You can't go wrong with a light grey or almond colored carpet because they do not lose their dye as quickly as say a orange or green. It is wise to go with a beige, tan or white colored carpet as these are less likely to show noticeable fading. Obviously though, lighter colored carpets don't hide dirt as well as darker carpet and thus appear dirty sooner than darker carpets would. This means that carpets of these colors will professionally cleaned on an almost religious basis.

Clean Carpet in LaceyAnother facet to think about is the length of the pile. small to average length pile is recommended when purchasing synthetic carpets. This length won't become smushed down as fast as longer height. Long pile on a synthetic carpet gets seriously trampled down in the walking lanes making the carpet appear to be older than it really is. With natural fiber carpet it is wise to buy looped pile. Natural carpeting is much more fragile than synthetic, consequently having the fibers looped gives them a better chance of extending the life of the carpet.

Wool Carpet Cleaning LaceySo which one do you choose, synthetic or natural fibers? There are pros and cons to each type. Natural fibers demand more care and should only be handled by a professional. The preliminary price of natural fiber carpet is also much more than that of synthetic. Natural fiber carpet is also in demand right now and may escalate the price of your house. However, synthetic carpet is much easier to care for because of it's strong fibers. Also, when it comes time to replace the carpeting, it is quite a bit less pricey than natural carpet.

Carpet owners who have pets should pick synthetic fiber carpet. If there is an accident or two..or three, the process in which professional carpet cleaners use, usually calls for chemicals that are not recommended on natural fibers. Having synthetic carpet makes it a lot easier and inexpensive to remove serious pet stains.

One more point to consider is stain resistant, synthetic carpet. Stain resistant Stainmaster Carpet Laceycarpet will quite possibly last the longest out of all other carpet types. This type of carpet incorporates a coat on each fiber keeping debris on the top-layer and liquids from permanently staining the carpet. Stain-resistant carpeting is something that anyone thinking of Stain Master Carpet Padchoosing synthetic carpet, should keep in mind before making a decision. There are stain-guarding solutions that can be sprayed on regular carpet but are not nearly as successful at defending against permanent staining. One of the most well-known and reputable brands of stain-resistant carpeting is Stain Master carpeting. Stain Master also makes special padding for beneath the carpet. Their padding is different from traditional pads in that they are not pourous and do not allow liquids to penetrate them. They are a great choice for anyone with kids or pets!

The Stainmaster Carpet Pad Makes Pet Stain Removal a Snap!

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