Who is Grossbusters Carpet Cleaning of Lacey?

Sometimes carpet cleaners seem like they are a dime a dozen. Here's what makes us different:

Grossbusters Carpet Cleaning Lacey
5 Star Rating - Grossbusters Carpet Cleaning

Grossbusters carpet cleaning presents carpet, upholstery and rug cleaning to both residential and commercial clients. We also specialize in unusual spot and pet stain removal together with 3M Scotchgard application to protect your 100% Guaranteed Carpet Cleaningtextiles from spills. We are a skilled carpet cleaning provider servicing Lacey and other South Sound Washington area communities. Our personnel is comprised of intensively instructed, legitimate technicians, making sure that your carpet, upholstery, area rugs, and mattresses are cleaned with the utmost care and Upholstery Cleaning Lacey, WAconsideration. Our intent is to offer the absolute best services in Lacey. To prove that, we back every single piece of carpet and upholstery that we clean with our 100% guarantee! See what pleased clients all over the Olympia area are rejoicing about. We use the Rotovac Powerwand connected to an extremely high-powered steam cleaner. This cleaning method is substantially exceptional when compared to competitor's procedures of utilizing just a common steam wand. The Rotovac has two gear-driven, counter-rotating heads which each have three spray jets and three vacuum slots, providing eye-opening cleaning performance!

...Did your cat or dog leave a severe urine stain on your carpet or upholstery? No problem! We utilize the patented Water Claw in tandem with a revolutionary rinsing technique to extract liquids from deep within the carpet backing, pad, and subfloor. Using this method ensures that undesirable stains and odors won't unexpectedly come back. Grossbusters also offers upholstery cleaning, mattress cleaning, and auto interior cleaning.

Grossbusters Carpet Cleaning is licensed, bonded, insured, and experienced. Prior to appointing a carpet cleaner in the Lacey WA area, make 100% sure that he has the adequate insurance to protect himself as well as you and your property if an unfortunate accident should happen. There is a surprising number of cleaners in the business who do not possess insurance. Usually their explanation is that coverage costs too much. If they would just take a second to think about how huge of a risk they are taking for themselves and their clients, they would recognize that they should NOT be taking a short cut on this specific expense. Furthermore, ask your carpet cleaning business if they are licensed for business in the state of Washington. It is not uncommon for "firms" in this service area to ignore this obviously significant step. If they do not have a license to clean carpet, upholstery, area rugs, mattresses, vehicle interior, or tile & grout, and do so anyway, then they are breaking the law. This is both a civil offense as well as a FEDERAL OFFENSE because they are not paying taxes (known as tax evasion). If your carpet cleaner says that he or she is truthfully licensed, check out their information just to be on the safe side. Every single legitimate, individual carpet cleaner and carpet cleaning business- together with all other firms- are shown on the official WA state website, listed here: Washington State Department of Licensing. Listed, will be their legal name, business name, business license number, and expiration date of their license.

Welcome to Lacey
Grossbusters Carpet Cleaning's procedure renders cleaning performance unrivaled by ANY other company in the 98513, 98503, and 98516 zip codes. Our thorough step-by-step procedure for steam cleaning carpet, rugs, upholstery, mattresses, and auto upholstery is what transforms these items from dingy to fantastic.


Vacuum CarpetWe start by tediously vacuuming all carpeting, area rugs, and upholstered items that we will later be steam cleaning, with our Dyson vacuum cleaner. Plenty of carpet cleaning companies disregard this crucial step. Vacuuming is one of the most important steps in the procedure because it gets rid of most loose particles that would possibly prohibit our cleaning chemicals from contacting other, more embedded materials and microorganisms. Our Dyson is one of the most sought after vacuum cleaners in the world and has dual HEPA filters to prohibit allergens and dust particulates from recirculating through the air in your home. Pre-vacuuming also helps our intricate vacuum turbines on our steam cleaning equipment to stay free of obstruction and operating at optimum potential through the water extraction operation. To put the relevance of vacuuming into perspective, take washing an automobile for example. If your car is all muddy, you wouldn't instantly take your soapy rag and start shampooing the vehicle. Rather, you start by spraying off the car to try to get as much grime off as possible in order to make the next step- cleaning with detergent- as successful as possible.


Pre-Spray CarpetNow, we pre-treat all of the low, medium, and excessive traffic lanes with the proper chemicals. Depending on the dirtiness of the carpet, we may implement our carpet restoration brush heads on our Rotovac to fully work in the pre-spray and brush the carpet fibers to work as much stubborn soil and particles out as possible. We also pre-spray all upholstery we may be steam cleaning, at this time. For spills, pet stains, and other deep liquid accidents, we pre-soak each problem area with a specialized enzyme based, oxidizing chemical. This works to neutralize all impurities that cause odors and stains in the carpet, backing, pad and even possibly the sub floor. Next, we use lots of clean water and our Water Claw to sufficiently rinse out, extract, and dry the problem areas.


Using our super-hot water extraction technique (known to some as "steam cleaning") in combination with our Rotovac Powerwand, we begin to restore your carpet and furniture. Although we maintain that our Rotovac is honestly what sets us apart from our competitors, there is another part of our procedure that is excellent, yet invisible. You might recall that after using an alternate carpet cleaning company, your carpet seemed to look noticeably dirty again within a few of weeks. This is due to the fact that the technicians utilized too much cleaning solution, causing a situation in which complete removal is almost unachievable. If you have ever spilled a drop of liquid laundry soap or dish detergent then you know precisely how it feels once it dries- STICKY! The soap that other carpet cleaners leave in your behind is exactly the same. It acts like a magnet, attracting dirt and debris leaving you with dirty carpet upholstery or area rugs, only days or weeks after you spent money to have them look nice. At Grossbusters, we count on our pre-conditioning and 210°+ water temperature for cleaning and disinfecting. We use only pure water to rinse the pre-conditioner from the carpet. This ensures that there aren't ANY chemical remains remaining in your carpets for soil to affix to. The final product is fantastic and last four times longer.


Stain Removal From CarpetIf there are any surface spots or stains that were not successfully removed with our primary cleaning system, we treat them at this step. Other cleaners charge extra for difficult surface stain removal but with Grossbusters, basic stain removal is FREE OF CHARGE! If there are any sub-surface stains that we pre-treated in step 2, we now use our Water Claw to fully remove the saturate and stain from the carpet backing, cushion, and sub-floor. We rinse the problem area numerous times with water to ensure there are no chemical or soil remains left in the area. We have an entire arsenal of chemicals to take care of even the most challenging stains. Whether its paint, rust, juice, etc., we have the treatment. Grossbusters won't guarantee that we will be able to remove every stain every time but we will use our rigorous training and experience to do the absolute best we can! 9 times out of 10, stain removal is successful.


Groom CarpetOur special carpet rakes work great to perk up the carpet pile and remove any patterns that our machinery might have caused. The result is perfectly uniformed carpeting which dries much faster because any flattened carpet fibers have been erected. In some situations, we will position numerous turbo driers throughout the cleaned area to help the carpeting dry even faster. We recommend that the home temperature be around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. In some instances, opening windows can help decrease the dry time of the textiles as well, depending on the weather outside. It is never a good idea to close all the windows in the house because it is very important that the moisture left in the carpet has somewhere to escape to. Otherwise, there is a potential for bacteria growth should the moisture become trapped for an extended period of time.


Scotchgard CarpetGrossbusters offers complimentary air freshener in every cleaned area. We also encourage our clients to opt for 3M Scotchgard stain protector after getting carpeting, rugs, and furniture cleaned. Scotchguard stain guard helps to keep any future spills and spots from bonding with the carpet fibers. This makes accidental stains easier to clean up yourself. The small upfront cost after your service may end up saving you money on professional stain removal in the future.

As proud residents of the Pacific Northwest, we feel it is our duty to keep contamination to our planet to a minimum. We carry a complete line of GREEN SEAL CERTIFIED cleaners which are entirely safe for your home and our planet! We are happy to offer green carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning.

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